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Welcome to SteinPC Computer Consultant

Helping companies get the most out of the dollars spent on their information solutions. Help their people be more productive to optimization their website. Helping people setup one PC or a whole network for a company. Working to get your first Pay Per Click (PPC) adwords campaign running.  Helping your people be more productive.         

I am a small business like you and because of that I deliver reliable customized Information Technology (IT) solutions geared to your specific business goals. I will sit down with you to understanding your specific business goals. I do not just hand you a laundry list of hardware and software. I work with you to craft an IT solution that will drive your business forward and enhance its competitive position.

I will provides reliable solutions that will transform your business processes and help your business run better and more efficiently. Money saved means more profit for you, the business owner, while operational efficiencies add value to your business over the long run.

I could help you use Microsoft Office, your accounting system, or set up a small network for you. Help you with Search Engine Optimization for your website or setup a small Adword campaign. I could answer your technical questions and suggest ways to improve your business and help you understand Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) or fedbid. 

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