Now you have your new computer home

If you recently bought a new computer there are a few thing you should do before it is too late. The first thing is there is instruction to create DVD this step is very important if / when you have a hard disk problem this will created DVD so if you need to install a new hard drive you could install the operating system to run you computer. Some companies you could order recovery disk for free if you computer is under warranty or it will cost you around $20 to order them when it is out of warranty and it will take 2 more days to recover your computer.   If your computer has a service tag, express service numbers, or serial number these number you will need when talking to service reps keep them in a safe place so if you need them you will have them when trying to solve problems with you computer copy the number in a safe place because the original number may become unreadable over time. Keep all documentation with serial number or any other registration information in a safe place. Keep the install media or any file you may have downloaded to install the software on media other then the hard drive inside the computer. Check out this page to help you setup you computer click here.

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