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Now you have your new computer home

If you recently bought a new computer there are a few thing you should do before it is too late. The first thing is there is instruction to create DVD this step is very important if / when you have a hard disk problem this will created DVD so if you need to install a new hard drive you could install the operating system to run you computer. Some companies you could order recovery disk for free if you computer is under warranty or it will cost you around $20 to order them when it is out of warranty and it will take 2 more days to recover your computer.   If your computer has a service tag, express service numbers, or serial number these number you will need when talking to service reps keep them in a safe place so if you need them you will have them when trying to solve problems with you computer copy the number in a safe place because the original number may become unreadable over time. Keep all documentation with serial number or any other registration information in a safe place. Keep the install media or any file you may have downloaded to install the software on media other then the hard drive inside the computer. Check out this page to help you setup you computer click here.

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    Time for your annual checkup

    It is October the leaves are changing color, Columbus day has past and the weather is getting colder and time to check your heating system is working. You should also check your other properties like your websites and social media.  Christopher Columbus's discovered the Americas you should check your websites and makes sure America could discover you and everything is up-to-date. Does you website and social media site have fresh content, are all the links to your site and to other sites current. Are all the products and services updated on you website. Halloween is coming and the internet should bring you treats not tricks.


    Click here to see 20 Things Your Website Should Do and 5 Things It Shouldn’t

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    The World is Ending! NO just maybe your website on Google search

    Aprilt 21 2015 Google will be ranking your website on mobile devices base on whether it is #mobilefriendly. If you website is not mobile friendly your website may not show when people search on mobile phones,  if you are using a non responsive theme in WordPress (twenty ten or older) you should update your theme to a responsive theme.

    Google says, is to make it easier for users "to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices."   article in youtube video

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    Wordpress Favorites feature

    There is not a day that goes by with out seeing a list of WordPress Favorite plugins recently I was at a WordPress users group meeting and the presenter showed the feature of introduced in 2012 Version 3.5 where when you are Log in you find a plugin you could add it to your favorite list and the next time you are looking for plugins when you create a new website you can quickly find the ones you need.

    Installing Favorite Plugins

    Viewing a user's favorite plugins in the dashboard
    To install plugins from a user's list of favorites within the WordPress dashboard:
    1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
    2. Under Favorites, type in the username of the user who's favorites you would like to install and click Get Favorites.
    3. Follow the Installing Plugins above to install the plugins you would like.

    my userid is with the basic plugins for when I start a site.

    If you have a list of favorite plugins email me the name and the reason people should look at the list like beginner, developer, social, or a brief description of who might like your list.

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